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Always stay compliant with standards and always be up to date - With our update & upgrade services for your test equipment!


Update- & Upgrade-Service

Our VDE Test Devices are frequently adapted to the latest standards and market requirements.

This ensures that you will still have a modern and standardized test device, tomorrow.


Advantages of the Updates/Upgrades

  • Always up to date with the current technological status
  • Adaptation to the latest standards and regulations
  • Benefit by technical enhancements
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases
  • Manageable and predictable costs


A selection of our Update & Upgrade offers

Examples for norm changes:

  • DIN VDE 0701 / 0702 / 0100
  • Changes DIN EN 62353; VDE 0751
  • IEC 60601 / EN 60204 / VDE 0113 etc.


Software = Firmware-Update:

  • Software upgrade to the latest device standard Firmware update covered by fix price Detailed information about the changed functionality will be shared with you after execution of the order
  • With a Firmware-Update of your device, it may be necessary to update also your associated user software like IZYTRONIQ, PS3, vfM, PC-doc, Elektromanager, etc. 


Hardware = Device-Upgrade:

  • Technical upgrade to the latest device standard Costs depend on time and material or specific customer requirements Our cost proposal to you - after placing the order, you will receive detailled information about the changed functions (e.g. new operating instructions)


Individual and norm standardized transformation:

  • Technical transformation to new standards or due to your personal requirements (e.g. different measurement range)
  • Costs depending on time and material fix prices for customized conversions
  • Cost estimate for customized transformations - after placing- resp. executing the order, we will provide you detailed information about the changed functionality


Our technical advice and support will of course and gladly help you with any questions you may have so that the right solution can be found for you!

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