International Recognition

  • International accreditation network: „once tested, accepted everywhere“
  • The Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) is a signatory to the multilateral conventions
  • Equation of national standards, certification organizations, results and certificates of EA MLA, IAF, ILAC
  • GMC-I Calibration certificate includes DAkkS symbol and ILAC-MRA

The traceability of calibration results to national standards has so far been confirmed to the user by "factory calibration certificates". However, the international acceptance of such certificates has raised more and more doubts due to significant increasing unprofessional calibration service providers. As a result ISO 9000 inspectors, not just within Europe, are increasingly demanding calibration certificates which are EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) accredited or associated.

The central objective of the international accreditation network is the mutual acceptance of accredited services and their results to reduce technical trade barriers and to increase the international recognition of accredited certifications for avoiding cost intensive multiple accreditation's. This approach follows the principle „once tested, accepted everywhere“.

This has been made possible by multilateral agreements between the national accreditation institutions and European resp. international accreditation organisations (EA MLA, IAF MLA und ILAC MRA)."