Declaration of conformity

  • Receipt for legally compliant calibration certificates and assessments
  • Calibration by accredited laboratories
  • Confidentially about the reliability of measurement results

The declaration of conformity serves as a written confirmation for legally compliant calibration-certificates and assessments. Calibrations of accredited laboratories are giving the user confidence about the reliability of the measurement results, increase the confidence and the comparability of the national and international market and are serving as a measurement basis for the Measurement and Test Equipment Monitoring within the framework of quality assurance.

Why to calibrate your devices with us?

You are getting legally compliant calibration-certificates and assessments, as we, as a manufacturer are providing conformity declarations for our DAkkS certificates. Just us, Gossen Metrawatt GmbH (former GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH) as the manufacturer and distributor of the measuring instrument (incl. DAkkS Calibration certificate for new deliveries), as well as GMC-I Service GmbH as a re-calibration service can create valid declarations of conformity.

When calibrating with us, you also benefit by:

  • The execution of a 100% final inspection before calibration according to the manufacturer's instruction
    A final inspection checks all areas of the technical specifications, not only those documented in the calibration certificate.
  • Legal certainty that our products complies with the data - this is an important point for product liability
  • We as a manufacturer a ensuring the completeness of data – other calibration laboratories do not always have all the data
  • Valuable knowledge and ability about „Gossen Metrawatt“ devices in order to repair, align and test end-to-end those devices which did not pass the declaration of conformity.  Partially we are aligning and doing "smaller" repairs for free.