Calibration and Verification Center

Joining forces: Together, the GMC INSTRUMENTS Group forms one of the largest DAkkS laboratories for electrical measurands

  • Our Calibration Center is accredited per DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 as DakkS Calibration Lab under
    no. D-K-20313-01-00
  • Our laboratory is one of three DAkkS calibration laboratories of the GMC Instruments Group in the location of Nuremberg. Another laboratory is located in the Netherlands
  • We also have a state-approved testing laboratory (EBY8) for electricity meters

The DAkkS calibration certificate resp. the SI-units, documents that the national standards are met and guarantees a seamless traceability.

For recalibrations of customer equipment, the laboratories of GMC-I Service GmbH (D-K-20313-01-00) and of GOSSEN METRAWATT GmbH (D-K-15080-01-01) work closely together. The distribution of orders to the laboratories is based on capacity and availability. The management of the these is a joint responsibility.


Laboratory Accreditation Characteristics
GMC-I Service GmbH D-K-20313-01-00 Repair, adjustment, re-calibration with conformity certification by Gossen Metrawatt Geräte
Gossen Metrawatt GmbH D-K-15080-01-01 Measurement traceability due to factory-norms, calibration and recalibration of currently manufactured Gossen Metrawatt devices
GOSSEN Foto und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH D-K-20315-01-00 Factory-calibration for illuminance, measuring luminance and irradiation UV-A (365nm)
GMC-Instruments Nederland B.V. D-K-15080-01-02 Contact for Benelux countries
Gossen Metrawatt GmbH EBY8 State approved Test Center for electricity meters


Further more Gossen Metrawatt GmbH is state approved test Center for electricity meters – EBY 8. It’s recognized by the Bavarian state office for weights and measures in accordance with the German measurement and calibration act (MessEG). You can do a verification for counters, re-verfication and and you can do a DAkkS-calibration.

We can calibrate or recalibrate your meters and perform DAkkS calibration via this test center.

The calibration of counters and components of the energy management is becoming increasingly important within the elcromobility and in regenerative energy generation.


The calibration deadline for electronic meters for electrical quantities is eight years. We can issue calibration certificates for a fee upon request. In the case of new meters, conformity is assessed per module B+D in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).








In the location of Nürnberg, our sister company GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH  develops, produces and sells spectrometers, illuminance and measuring luminance devices as well as lightmeters.

With the  MAVOSPEC BASE  you can check and easily document the results of all all relevant parameters of LED and conventional light sources as well as plant lighting. It is the perfect solution in the age of LED lighting and luxmeter of the the future.


The accredited Light laboratory offers various calibration- and measurement services for own products and for products from competitors. Regular calibration ensures product- and service quality and creates legal certainty with regards to product liability as well as for acceptance tests and assessments.


You will find valuable and easily understandable background information about the area of application within the free compendium about Light Measurement technology, UV Measurement technology and Light Measurement.



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