In addition to the Metra-Check service contract, we are offering also individual service agreements tailored to you and your needs. Not just technical service modules but also administrative service modules can be part of the agreement.

Possible components could be:

  • Calibration of Test Equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Creation of a calibration certificate
  • Free Test Equipment Management
  • Repair / Upgrades according to latest norms
  • Adjustment of Test Equipment in the case of errors
  • Return Test Instrument to the sender's address
  • Invoice to billing address
  • Special lead times
  • Rental equipment during the repair
  • COME & GO
    Upon request you receive an identical device from our exchange pool when sending us your device for calibration or repair. The repaired device will be added to our exchange pool to offer you an instantly exchange for the next time.
  • SWAP Service
    You will receive the requested rental device in a case. Just send us your own device in the case of the rental device. After processing your device, it will be returned to you and you can simply send the rental device back to us in the rental case.

Contact us and tell us your needs, we are happy to consult you.