Individual Service Agreement

All services from a single source - individually tailored to your needs

In addition to the METRA CHECK service contract, we are offering also individual service agreements tailored to you and your needs. Not just technical service modules but also administrative service modules can be part of the agreement.


Possible components could be:

  • Calibration of test equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Creation of a calibration certificate
  • Free test equipment management
  • Repair / Upgrades according to latest norms
  • Adjustment of test equipment in the case of errors
  • Return test instrument to the sender's address
  • Invoice to billing address
  • Special lead times
  • Rental equipment during the repair


A special feature - Our COME & GO service!

  • Minimize your downtime and stay operational almost all the time
  • If you send in a device for repair or calibration, we will usually send you the replacement device from your pool on the same day
  • The repaired device is then added back to the exchange pool and used again as an immediate exchange device the next time
  • The cost of the service depends on the type of test equipment (device-specific fixed price) and the number of units in your pool
  • If you send in a device for repair or calibration, you will receive an identical device from the exchange pool upon request
  • The repaired device will be included in the exchange pool to provide you with an immediate exchange again the next time.


We would also be happy to advise you on our individual service agreements for your test equipment. 

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