Legal Requirements

Why the regular calibration of measuring and test equipment is not only important, but legally mandatory and thus a must 

  • Existence of legal obligations (in Germany its BetrSichV, ArbStättV)
  • Necessary legal security (e.g. for product liability)
  • Compliance with standards and regulations (ISO certification)
  • Ensuring the quality of processes and products
  • For occupational safety and health


§3, §14-17, §22 Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (German law: BetrSichV)

To ensure the quality of measurements on products and processes, test equipment must be regularly tested, monitored, calibrated and maintained. Furthermore, the contractor must ensure that the electrical systems and equipment are regularly checked to ensure that they are in proper condition.

This requirement results from the BetrSichV. In §3, the legislator requires a documented risk assessment and in §14, as a consequence, the inspection of work equipment. From this legal situation, the accident insurers (DGUV regulation 3, formerly BGV A3) and professional associations (Technical Rules for Industrial Safety, TRBS for short) derive further requirements.

In §22 of the BetrSichV, the legislator describes the existence of an administrative offense up to criminal liability, if this obligation is intentionally or negligently violated or delayed.


International recognition & legal certainty (e.g. for product liability)

With our DAkks-certified calibration laboratory, we guarantee compliance with international standards and can ensure and certify the legal certainty of calibration certificates as well as reliable measurement data for you.


We will be happy to assist you in meeting and fulfilling your legal obligations. 

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