(Accredited) measurement values

Guaranteed high calibration standard for all test equipment and measurands!

We are officially certified by DAkkS for the following measurands:


Electrical measurands 

Direct current and low frequency measurands 

- DC voltage 

- direct current 

- AC voltage 

- AC current strength 

- direct current resistance 

- electrical power 

- capacitance

- frequency


Thermodynamic measurands

Temperature measurands

- resistance thermometers

- Thermocouples, thermocouples

- Temperature indicators and simulators

- Direct reading thermometers

- Temperature transmitters


Details on our accredited measurands can be found in our accreditation certificate.


DAkkS-certificates may also include not accredited measurement values!

DAkkS certificates with components of non-accredited measurement values are neither unusual nor a weakness of DAkkS accreditation or the calibration certificate. Full accreditation is time-consuming and expensive. In practice, a full accreditation is not needed for all measurement values of a product.

For our customers, however, it is of great advantage to have further (non-accredited) or all measured quantities documented by our calibration laboratory (D-K-20313-01-00), which is fully accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, since our high standards and quality factors also apply to these quantities. For our customers, this is therefore an enormous plus point in terms of measurement reliability, traceability and quality of calibration, which not least has an influence on the service life and legal certainty of the customer's test equipment.


The following non-accredited measurands are added as factory calibration in the annex of the DAkkS calibration certificate within the scope of a mixed calibration and are permissible here:

- Pressure (up to 10 bar)

- Electrical work (Joules)

- High frequency for electrosurgery (up to 10 MHz)

- Weight (mg / g)

- Flow rate (ml/h)

- Temperature medical (YSI400/YSI700)

- Time (ms / BPM)


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