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For a professional, secure and up-to-date order and test equipment management


IZYCHECK.IQ Calibration and services for a professional test equipment management






  • Would you like to find all calibration certificates centrally in one place?
  • And never miss an upcoming calibration again?
  • As well as release open estimates online and in real time?
  • Do you want to take your test equipment management to a new, more professional level?

Then you've come to the right place! Because with IZYCHECK.IQ you have the possibility to view your orders in real time at any time and from any place. From the receipt of goods to the approval of the cost estimate to the completion of the repair and calibration as well as a final shipment tracking via tracking number - you always stay informed!

Our IZYCHECK.IQ is a browser-based, cross-platform application that you can use with your PC, tablet or smartphone. Since we provide you with the platform, you do not need your own expensive and complex infrastructure! Your data is stored securely on our servers. Due to the one-time authentication (single sign-on technology) you can switch barrier-free between further applications (e.g. IZYTRONIQ, VIZIONIQ, ELEXONIQ) on the platform without having to log in again.



  • All test equipment incl. order status in real time at a glance:
    • How many orders are currently in progress
    • Unapproved and approved cost estimates
    • What percentage of the order has already been processed
  • Detailed view of each individual device and status
  • Device overview for LifeCycle Management
  • Technical profile of the measuring device (serial number, firmware / software version, etc.)
  • Immediate and legally compliant provision of calibration protocol
  • Archiving and history of all calibration certificates, incoming calibration certificates, DGUV test certificates or calibration certificates (available without notice and permanent access)
  • Reminder and management of upcoming calibrations
  • Full cost control through your online and real-time approval of open estimates
  • Data security thanks to secure servers
  • No investment in expensive infrastructure



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No cancellation is required after the end of your trial period, so there are no costs!
The access is easy and fast via web browser, without software installation.


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