IZYCHECK.IQ: New feature for calibration interval

Store your individual calibration interval

Why is the calibration interval important?

A proper calibration cycle is important to continuously prove the compliance with the specified quality of the test equipment and to hereby verify the past measurement results. The risk of erroneous measurements should be minimized and resulting follow-up costs avoided.

The correct interval is determined by the user or the company itself. However, there are clear manufacturer recommendations and official guidelines for orientation. We have listed these for you here: https://www.gmci-service.com/en/calibration/the-right-calibration-interval/


How do I benefit from the new function?

You always have the optimum calibration interval for you and your customers in hand and can immediately adapt it to your quality and safety requirements yourself.

This keeps you (legally) safe and your test equipment always at the highest level of quality. And you pass this quality directly on to your customers.


IZYCHECK.IQ - The cloud-based gauge management tool from GMC-I Service GmbH

Not heard of it yet? Then it is high time!

Your added value & benefit

  • All test equipment incl. order status in real time at a glance
    • How many orders are currently in progress
    • Open and released cost estimates
    • What percentage of the order has already been processed
  • Detailed view of each individual piece of test equipment and status
  • Device overview for LifeCycle Management
  • Technical profile of the measuring equipment (serial number, firmware / software version, etc.)
  • IQ: Immediate and legally compliant provision of calibration records
  • Archiving and history of all calibration certificates, incoming calibration certificates, DGUV test certificates or calibration certificates (available without notice and permanent access)
  • Reminder and management of upcoming calibrations
  • IQ: Full cost control through your online and real-time release of open estimates
  • IQ: Store important documents, file numbers etc. in order to be able to react optimally and efficiently in case of theft
  • Data security thanks to secure servers (Whitepaper Datenschutz)
  • No need to invest in expensive IT or software installation
  • Theft Service (A process to support you in such a case)


Completely IZY and secure: You can test the software free of charge for 4 months in the PREMIUM variant and then automatically switch to the free BASIC variant.

More information about the tool and the button to register can be found here: https://www.gmci-service.com/cloud/


Here are a few screenshots of the user-friendly, intuitive user interface of our IZYCHECK.IQ:














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