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Service Point - services on-site!


Almost all markets are changing due to the digital transformation. Subjects like Industrie 4.0, Work 4.0 or Internet of Things are determining the discussions at all levels and in all industries.

„Test Equipment needs to be frequently tested, monitored, calibrated and maintained to ensure the quality of measurement on products and processes.“  

The focus is on the customer, thanks to the Service-Point of GMC-I Service GmbH, the Service Division of Gossen Metrawatt GmbH (former GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH).

With regards to Service the company shows off to customers with an area of more than 3000qm.

The entrance, place for customers to bring their instruments for calibration to our Service, offers the ambiance of a lounge and provides an opportunity to learn about the latest products and solutions. A history corner shows 111+ years of Measurement Technology.

The Showroom presents the latest products in hardware and software and shows the latest evolution of the brands Gossen Metrawatt, Camille Bauer etc.

Customers can test instruments but also our sales can use the showroom to present instruments.

Therefore the customer's stay is never too long.

„Besides of a professional service, we would like to offer our customers an atmosphere to feel comfortable.“: says Gerhard Frisch, Head of After Sales Service „in collaboration with our sales channels, we can serve our customers holistically.“


Calibrations, reparations and maintenance for products of GOSSEN METRAWATT and other manufacturers are offered at the Check In counters of the Servicepoint.

„In the future we will increasingly offer our customers a holistic customer approach and service.“ says Gerhard Frisch, Head of After Sales Service.

All Service processes have been completely digitized. For every instrument, important information such as device data and service history are saved. Based on these data, a deeper analysis can be initialized, which can support user tips for customers or trigger notes for our production. Digitization allows also an automatic capacity planning and a prioritization for all teams.


The GMC-I Service GmbH calibration laboratory is accredited as DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 per DAkkS-Calibration laboratory by no. D-K-20313-01-00. This ensures that all required conditions for the competence of the service provider are met.


We are there to support you at any point in the Life Cycle, beginning from the customer's measuring instrument. – WE ARE THERE FOR YOU



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