Definition Update - Upgrade

We say Update if we are publishing the latest Firmware on the devices. Firmware is a fix installed software routine within the device. It is stored on a non volatile memory, directly in a Flash-memory, an EPROM, EEPROM or ROM. The Firmware determines the basic functions, test routines and e.g. the evaluation of the final measurement.

There is also the possibility to do updates on your own responsibility. If this option is possible, you find all information on availability and implementation at myGMC. You don't have the option to do updates on your own e.g. due to download restrictions within your organization or you would like us to do the updates together with the next calibration? No problem, we appreciate to offer you this service.

We call it Upgrade to convert, gear-up or enhance an existing product to the next product-class. In addition to a new device firmware, this also includes the adaptation for a new product type e.g. through hardware adjustments.