Your service package for warranty services without time limit

After 12 months of manufacturer's warranty does not have to be the end...

To ensure a maximum availability of your products, we are offering you a service package, that includes a guarantee non-stop - the METRA-Check service contract. This provides you calculable annual operation costs, permanent product quality as well as an increasing life of your product. You

r tested device is always up to date and meets the requirements regarding DIN EN ISO 9000 and DGUV regulation 3 (if necessary).


The METRA-Check service contract starts with the end of the guarantee period. At this stage, the annual fee which depends on the device type will be due.

We guarantee price stability of 2 years for the annual fee.

Doing an initial calibration at the initial delivery of the device and a seamless annual calibration within our calibration laboratory is a prerequisite for the transition from the warranty period to a service contract. 


The scope of the service contract includes:

  • Complete functional test according to the final inspection directive and setting the product to the published manufacturer specifications
  • DGUV regulation no. 3 security check (without protocol)
  • Update of device-firmware (if necessary)
  • Repair (if necessary)
  • Excecuting a calibration incl. creation of a certificate
  • Free monitoring of your device-pool with timely scheduled reminder to send your device to us
  • After ordering once, the device is flagged with a Metra-Check sticker


Exclusions from the Metra-Check service contract:

  • Cables, batteries, loose accessories, wear and tear and consumables (e.g. fuses / risers / measuring tips / relays / plug insert / battery / printer ribbon / paper and more.) are not covered by the agreement
  • The effects of violence, falling damage and unauthorized interventions are not covered
  • Devices must have been operated due to the conditions specified in the technical data


We would also be happy to advise you on our METRA-Check service package for your test equipment. 

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