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Repair Service

Services Provided by GMC-I Services GmbH:

  • Help Desk
  • Workshop Repair
    • Repairs Invoiced based upon Actual Costs
    • METRA Check Service Package
    • Maintenance and Service Contracts

Even if utmost care is practiced during development, production and use by the customer, product defects may occur. If they do, it is important to be able to take advantage of well trained, well equipped first rate service personnel.
As a leading manufacturer of instruments and systems for measuring, control and automation technology, we are able to pass along knowledge from our R&D and production employees to our service personnel.
This know-how can be taken advantage of directly in the repair department, and allows for more efficient, quicker and more accurate work.
Our repair department is in close physical proximity to R&D and production.
If repairs become necessary, our specialized personnel are capable of performing the required work immediately, or of preparing a cost estimate. After the cost estimate has been approved, repair is carried out with original replacement parts.

Help Desk

Repair isn't always necessary: technical assistance on the telephone is often more than adequate.
Our help desk technicians are well versed in the repair of our products.

You only need to call! - See below.

Workshop Repair

Repairs Invoiced based upon Actual Costs
Our services are invoiced based upon actually required time and materials.
A repair report is included with each repaired instrument.ei.

METRA Check Service Package

We offer a service package for
a secure future and as a
quality maintenance measure.

The Metra Check Service Package includes a functions test and any required firmware updates. If required, it also includes repair, issuance of a calibration certificate in any case and free monitoring of your equipment fleet with on-time notification when any given instrument is due to be sent in for re-calibration.

After this service has been ordered, a Metra Check label is attached to your instrument for quick processing. Refer to the calibration and services price list for the respective Metra Check fixed prices.

Contents of the service pack:

Hardware maintenance contract – must be concluded no later than one year after the guarantee period has expired! Prices are product-specific.

  • Free support (by phone)
  • Function test in accordance with final inspection directive
  • Adjustment to published manufacturer’s specifications
  • One annual safety test per DGUV Vorschrift 3
  • One free calibration
  • One free repair per year
  • One device software update (if required)
  • Label with maintenance contract number attached to the device
  • One year duration (can be extended)

Maintenance contract exclusions:

The following are not included in the provided scope of materials and services: cables, rechargeable batteries, loose accessories, wearing parts and consumable materials (for example fuses, carrying straps, test probes, relays, plug inserts, batteries, printer ribbons, paper etc.).
Devices covered by maintenance contracts may not have been subjected to exertion of force, damage due to dropping or unauthorized alterations. The conditions specified in the technical data must have been adhered to during operation of devices covered by maintenance contracts.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

In addition to the above described service package, we also offer maintenance and service contracts which are custom tailored to individual customer requirements. Each customer has his own special needs as regards service, because demands placed upon systems and instruments vary widely from application to application. Create a service contract which is ideally suited to your needs as regards:

  • Shipping and handling
  • Maintenance and repair interval
  • General contract for predefined cost budget
  • Replacement parts inventory
  • Help desk
  • Updates etc.

Please inform us regarding your special requirements!