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GMC-I Service GmbH
Beuthener Straße 41
D-90471 Nürnberg
Fon: +49 911 817718 - 0
Fax: +49 911 817718 - 253

Opening times
Mon-Thu from 06.30-16.30 clock
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  • Rentals: short-term - fixed duration - fixed price

Here a collection of our rental equipment

The Advantages of Renting

  • All rental devices are equipped with the most up-to-date functions
  • Adapt to fluctuating customer demand
  • Continuous maintenance and calibration, and repair if necessary by the manufacturer
  • No unnecessary capital investments
  • Clear-cut overview for easy cost planning
  • Costs can be allocated to specific projects

Service provided by GMC-I Service GmbH:

Short-Term Rentals

Used to fulfill immediate and short-term instrument requirements. The minimum rental term is one week. You order the instrument via fax, perform the necessary tests or measurements and return it to us when you're finished.

Fixed Duration Rentals

If you are able to determine the starting time and the rental duration in advance, we can offer you rebates for different periods of time:
20% at 2 - 4 weeks, 30% at 5 - 6 weeks, 40% at more than 6 weeks

Fixed Price Rentals

A test instrument which is currently in use always fails at the most inconvenient moment, and experience has shown that the time require for repair is always too long.
In such cases we are able to offer fixed price rentals for the duration of the repair.


Please informs us regarding your special requirements !