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General Notes Concerning Services Rendered

The following are available:

  • Test reports
  • Factory calibration certificates
  • DAkkS calibration certificates
  • Testing per BGV A3
  • Fixed repair and exchange prices
  • Service agreements for measuring and test instruments (Metra-Check)
1 The following applies to instruments with test reports: No indication of measuring uncertainty for the calibration system
2 Receiving report: 50% of price for calibration report. Upon request only. Is only prepared if measured values determined for the instrument during receiving calibration do not comply with the manufacturer's specifications.
3 Costs for BGV A3 testing: If the necessity for repairs should become apparent during testing (only for our own products), our expert personnel provide the customer with a cost estimate. Repairs are made with original replacement parts after the cost estimate has been approved, and BGV A3 testing is then completed.
Prices include cleaning, replacement batteries if required, simple repairs and report, as well as an adhesive label.
4 The Metra-Check Service Package(only for our own products)

METRA checkallows for an accurate annual cost overview for budgeting purposes, improved product quality, longer service life and reduced downtime. Serviced instruments are thus always up-to-date, and fulfill the requirements set forth in DIN EN ISO 9000 as well.


Contents of the service pack:
Hardware maintenance contract - must be concluded no later than one year after the guarantee period has expired! Prices are product-specific.

  • Technical support by GMC-I Service GmbH
  • Function test in accordance with final inspection directive
  • Adjustment to published manufacturer’s specifications
  • One annual safety test per BGV A3
  • One free calibration
  • One free repair per year
  • One device software update (if required)
  • Label with maintenance contract number attached to the device
  • One year duration (can be extended)

Maintenance contract exclusions:
The following are not included in the provided scope of materials and services: cables, rechargeable batteries, loose accessories, wearing parts and consumable materials (for example fuses, carrying straps, test probes, relays, plug inserts, batteries, printer ribbons, paper etc.).
Devices covered by maintenance contracts may not have been subjected to exertion of force, damage due to dropping or unauthorized alterations. The conditions specified in the technical data must have been adhered to during operation of devices covered by maintenance contracts.

5 If no fixed price is indicated in the DAkkS calibration certificate column, you will be informed of the costs after we have prepared an estimate.
If  "–" appears in the column, DAkkS calibration is not possible.
6 WK = Metra-Check service package with factory calibration certificate
DAkkS = Metra-Check service package with DAkkS calibration certificate
7 This price list supersedes all previous price lists. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Invoices are issued for prices which are valid on the date of shipment .
Adjustment is only included in the indicated prices for our own products.
All prices are net (not including any applicable VAT or shipping costs).

Additional instruments upon request. You will be informed of any additional repair costs by means of a cost estimate.

Please inform us regarding your special requirements!