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GMC-I Service GmbH
Beuthener Straße 41
D-90471 Nürnberg
Fon: +49 911 817718 - 0
Fax: +49 911 817718 - 253

Opening times
Mon-Thu from 06.30-16.30 clock
Fri 06.30-14.00 clock


The company provides services such as replacement parts services, repairs and software updates, measuring instrument rental as well as periodic calibration of measuring instruments. This Service services are not limited to products of the GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH but are also available for other brands.

The possibility of measuring instruments calibration is based on government approvals granted by the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. On the basis of these certificates, the company supports the development and operation of similar facilities in national companies of the International GmbH Metrawatt abroad, thereby improving customer service there. For the first time this has been done in the Netherlands.

The specific know-how of the company lies in the deep knowledge of staff across both the necessary measurement procedures in daily use and the purpose devices used across different generations and in the knowledge of the standard location for customers to call attention to the state of the art as well as risks to can. In this way the employees are not only able to identify faults and failures but also to carry out customer consultation.

Product returned for repair are generally first analyzed in terms of the repair cost and create a cost estimate. If the expense exceeds near of the price of a comparable product, the customer receives a complementary bid. If it becomes apparent that repairs can take longer, can meanwhile be devices to bridge this time on a rent basis provided.

Product returned for repair, calibration or software updates will be processed after receipt date. In addition, on behalf of the GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH are also guarantee and warranty issues handled.

Basically, the company is responsible for the global service of the equipment. As a result, a variety of devices ranging from international companies and trading partners are sent and processed.

Compared to the competition, GMS services can offer "one-hand" (Repair, standard update, calibration, spare parts, etc.) and customer-oriented solutions. The key differentiator is the focus on the specifics of the customers in terms of equipment to be tested, the type of products, made for the maintenance and repair is, scope, cost and duration.

  • From repairs, spare parts service, service contracts, Rental Instrument, DGUV Vorschrift 3 testing, calibration services, value-and quality-keeping operations we can offer an optimized package of services.
  • We guarantee the security and integrity of all the resources, the promotion of client employees and thus increase the profitability of our customers
  • Customer service from the date of buying a new product until to waste disposal