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Test Equipment Management

Test equipment

  • must be tested, monitored, calibrated and maintained
  • in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000 ff.
  • Measuring and test equipment must be calibrated on a regular basis if used in processes which influence product quality. Inaccurate and/or faulty measuring instruments result in the forwarding of distorted information to the customer.
  • VBG 4 testing is required before initial start-up and after each modification or repair, and is required at regular intervals as well.

Test Equipment Management

  • We assume responsibility for all of your test equipment management needs - regardless of the equipment manufacturer.
  • You have only one contact person and are thus able to reduce your logistics costs = cost saving.
  • If you enter into a general contract with us for your entire equipment fleet, test equipment management is provided as a free service.

Test equipment management includes the following services.

  • Inventory taking for all test equipment
  • Cooperative determination of the test equipment calibration interval. 1 to 3 years depending upon applications. We recommend an interval of 1 year for equipment which is used on a daily basis for testing devices which influence quality and/or safety. Interval in accordance with legal requirements for VBG 4 testing.
  • Entry of all test equipment to a test equipment file
  • Monitoring of recalibration deadlines and periodic testing including free notification concerning instruments which are due for calibration or testing in accordance with VBG 4 (customer is notified by mail approximately 1 month prior to expiration of interval).
  • Performance of calibration including documentation, test seal and archiving - also for VBG 4 testing.
  • If repairs should become necessary during the course of calibration or VBG 4 testing, our specialized personnel are capable of preparing an immediate cost estimate (for our own products only). We can process work orders for the repair of equipment from other manufacturers on your behalf as well. Advantage: You have only one contact person. After the cost estimate has been approved, repairs are carried out and calibration is then completed.
  • We can place rental equipment at your disposal in order to assure uninterrupted operations when your instruments are out for calibration or repair.
  • We can agree upon a fixed calibration and repair budget with the customer. We do not issue any invoices until costs have reached the agreed upon level. Advantage: Paperwork and resulting administrative expenses are kept to a minimum.
  • Free consultation and assistance in the procurement of new instruments.
  • Beyond this, we always have used, refurbished instruments at our disposal, which can be added to your equipment fleet as required.
  • Hotline for technical questions regarding repair, calibration, VBG 4 testing, rental equipment, replacement parts, instrument operation ...

The GMC-I Service Kalibrierzentrum is accredited per DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 as a DAkkS Calibration Lab under No. D-K-20313. This accreditation assures that all required conditions are maintained as regards the competence of the service provider.
Employees assigned to the DAkkS laboratory are tested and continuously monitored to assure that they possess the necessary skills.
Beyond this, all influencing technical factors (such as measuring uncertainty) are known and can be documented. Reproducible measurements and thus product quality are assured by traceability to national standards.