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Variations for factory or DAkkS calibration:

  1. Calibration with factory or DAkkS calibration certificate and calibration label attached to instrument (incl. adjustment if necessary).
  2. Free monitoring of your instrument fleet with reminders sent by mail when your instruments are due for calibration. You no longer need to maintain your own equipment monitoring system.
  3. Receiving test report in combination with item 1 upon request. Report is only issued if measured values from the instrument deviate from the manufacturer's specifications during receiving calibration.
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Services provided

Factory Calibration

Aufkleber für  Werkskalibrierung

DAkkS Calibration


General Agreement Between the Laboratory and the Customer

  • Establishment of administrative data such as scheduling, costs, transport, packaging etc.
  • Calibration ranges, documentation, receiving report, re-calibration interval etc.

Determination as to Whether or not the Measuring Instrument can be Calibrated

  • Visual inspection for damage at housing, cable connectors: pinching, impacts, tearing, contact stability etc.
  • Accessories present and functional
  • Visual inspection for labeling, completeness, legibility, contrast etc. of the display elements
  • Examination as to whether or not all technical documents required for calibration are available (technical data, operating instructions, service documentation etc.

Function Tests

  • Flawless functioning of all controls and display stability
  • Adjusting controls in defined positions, zero balancing possible
  • Observe warm-up period
  • Flawless functioning of self-test and self-adjusting functions
  • Repair minor damage and clean if necessary
  • Isolate irreparable measuring equipment
  • (Prepare cost estimate for customer)


  • Perform any required safety tests to assure safety of operating personnel
Measure and document ambient conditions in accordance with
DIN ISO 9000
Measure and document ambient conditions in accordance with
DAkkS accreditation
  • Examine and adapt respective calibration procedure
  • Connect the device to be calibrated to the traceable standards
  • Execute calibration procedure and document measuring points
  • Adjust if necessary (and if desired) and then re-calibrate
Document measurement results in
calibration report

(attach substantiation of traceability)
Document measurement results in
DAkkS calibration certificate

Fill out and attach the 
factory calibration label

Fill out and attach the 
DAkkS calibration label


Issue calibration certificate
in accordance with ISO 9000
Issue DAkkS calibration certificate
Record instrument to equipment monitoring index file with free reminder for next re-calibration.