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What is calibration?

Calibration is a process by means of which
deviation of the display value from the actual value is determined and documented for a given measuring instrument, or deviation of the output quantity from the nominal value for a given test instrument.

Measurement is thus performed which allows for a comparison of the device under test to a precise standard which can be traced back to national standards by means of a documented process. The objective of this process is to recognize and document deviations.

If the value displayed by the measuring instrument, or the output quantity of the test instrument, is found to be outside of the allowable tolerance range during the course of calibration, two options are available:

The instrument is adjusted in order to bring its values back into the allowable tolerance range, and is then recalibrated.
Adjustment is deliberately omitted because the user wants to document measuring deviation for long-term use of his measuring or test instrument during defined periods of time.