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D-90471 Nürnberg
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Opening times
Mon-Thu from 06.30-16.30 clock
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DAkkS Calibration Center

DAkkS certification supercedes DKD certification.

The  GOSSEN METRAWATT Calibration Center is accredited per DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 as a DAkkS Calibration Lab under No. D-K-20313.

More than 30.000 Calibrations a year, performed by about 50 Employees in our calibration center, speak for themthelves.

DAkkS substantiation of accreditation
DAkkS substantiation of accreditation
Supplement with exact quantities
Supplement with exact quantities
  • All measured quantities from a single source!
  • Calibration lab for DAkkS, ISO and factory calibration!
  • Largest DAkkS laboratory for elektrical measured qunatities

We calibrate throughout Europe and all over the world for our customers’ facilities. In addition to technical calibration services, we take care of logistics as well: to and from your locations including shipping, customs clearance, test equipment management etc., as well as any necessary repairs.


In addition to our laboratory in Nuremberg,

we also have an on site DKD-calibration service in the local subsidiary in the Netherlands, which is linked not only technically but also logistically to the service department in Nuremberg.


Largest calibration lab for electrical quantities
Largest calibration lab for electrical quantities

Measured Quantities, we calibrate and with partners

  • Electrical quantities
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Mass
  • Scales
  • Slip gauges
  • Production measuring equipment
  • Atmospheric humidity
  • Viskosity
  • pH value
  • Density
  • Torque


Our Services:

  • DAkkS calibriation
  • Factory calibration
  • Tests according to your order
  • Verification according to German law (MessEG) of our top-hat rail mounting energy meters
  • Standard calibration - feature for multimeters METRAHit and many of our testers
  • Calibration of appliances of  other manufacturers


As Proof you get following certificates (according to your order):

DAkkS template calibration certificate
DAkkS calibration label (blue device sticker)

Factory calibration certificate for a test instrument
Factory calibration label (white device sticker)

Testreport for a tester
Calibration certificate for energy meter
Seal (calibration mark, yellow device sticker)

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