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Complete calibration services from a single source

  • Electrical quantities
  • Temperature
  • Pressure (*)
  • Mass (*)
  • Scales (*)
  • Slip gauges (*)
  • Production measuring equipment
  • Atmospheric humidity (*)
  • Viscosity (*)
  • pH value (*)
  • Density (*)
  • Torque (*)

(*) via our partner ZMK GmbH - DKD-K-06901

Electrical Quantities
Calibration of measuring instruments and power sources
Direct voltage (measured qty.), 1100 V
Direct voltage (power sources), 10,000 V
Direct current value, 11 A
Direct current resistance (measured qty.), 100 Mohm
Direct current resistance (power sources), 200 Mohm
Direct current power (power sources), 1000V / 11A
High value resistance, 30 GOhm / 1000 V
Alternating voltage (measured qty.) 1100V /100kHz
Alternating voltage (power sources) 
1100 V / 300 kHz, 10,000 V / 50 Hz
Alternating current value 11 A / 10 kHz
Alternating current active power, 500 V / 20 A
Frequency (measured qty.) 10 Hz to 1 MHz
Frequency (power sources), 1 MHz
Fixed value capacitance, 2.8 nF to 30 mF
Temperature indicators / simulators
for resistance thermometers, 850° C
and thermocouples, 2000° C
Fixed value for artifact calibration. (measuring instruments), 10V

Oscilloscopes, data loggers, Y-t recorders
(rise time, band width, horizontal sweep)
pH measuring instruments (electrical)

Special measuring equipment: e.g.
Shunts by means of current-voltage method
High value resistance, 30 GOhm with 5000 V measuring voltage

Electrical conductivity
Creation of reference solutions for electrical conductivity
Measuring instruments and equipment

Precision resistance thermometers per ITS-90 
fixed points
Direct display resistance thermometers Measuring equipment
Precious and non-precious metal thermocouples
Glass thermometers for liquids
Temperature block calibrators
Heating equipment (ovens, baths)
Sensors for ascertaining atmospheric temperature

Absolute pressure in gases
Negative and positive overpressure in gases
Positive overpressure in oil

Class E1 per OIML to 1 kg
Class E2 to M3 per OIML to 50 kg
Mass standards to 50 kg
Determination of density and volume of weights to 1 kg

Non-automatic electronic scales to 3 tons
(ultra-micro, micro, analysis, precision, commercial and industrial scales)

Slip gauges
Steel and ceramic to 100 mm

Production measuring equipment
Ring and mandrel gauges
Vernier calipers
Micrometer calipers and reference gauges
Dial gauges, precision indicators, dead-weight micrometers
Inside micrometers (2 point)
Caliper gauges

Atmospheric humidity
Dew point temperature
Relative humidity

Fabrication of Newtonian standard samples
Efflux viscosity cup
Various types of viscometers

pH value
Creation of 
pH value reference materials and buffer solutions

Creation of density reference liquids

Torque as calibration with certificate,
from 0.5 to 1000 Nm
(DKD calibration in progress)